Telescope Cases

CNC Router

Drawing from 20+ years of CNC design expertise, the Techno is quality routing built from the ground up. All Techno machines are constructed using the highest quality components. The use of such components result in a durable machine that provides superior cut quality, while requiring minimum maintenance.

Features: Closed-loop servomotors, ball screws and THK rails, CNC electronics and Windows-based CNC Interface

Benefits: Improved cut quality, increased production volume, better material yields and decreased labor overhead

All Techno machines feature servo motors, not stepper motors. With servo motors, you can achieve greater power and speed. With the Techno LC4896 the specifications are speeds of 200 inches/minute, we can usually go 250 ipm. A repeatability of .0005 inches.

What does this mean to ScopeGuard customers?
Our case components have a more precise initial cut resulting in an end product that compliments the telescope or mount stored in the case. We have already shortened the lead time of our orders significantly since the purchase of the Techno LC4896. As we become more familiar with the operation and capabilities of the router we will continue to decrease lead times.

Two short videos of the CNC router in operation cutting out case components.

Video 1
Video 2
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