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Hello Don, Sorry this is so late in coming...Thank you greatly for the two cases you recently made for me — gorgeous! My EM400 is now very happy to have such a good home. Tom P

Don, Both cases arrived today AOK, as usual, packed perfectly and in perfect condition. Your design and construction team always make the highest-quality equipment that both does the job, and looks great doing the job. My hat is off to you and your entire team once again. Your great kindness in factory-installing my special feet is performance above and beyond the call. Thank you again for everything. I hope to have the chance to "show off" you cases at future Star Parties sooner rather than later. Until next time, Kirk P.

Hi Don, The case arrived a day early and I must say you produce a top quality product. Looks fantastic. Thank you so much for making our TOA-130 a new safe place to rest during cloudy nights.

Steady seeing. Gary Mc.

I feel so much better now that my new Astro-Physics Mach-1 mount is safely ensconced in one of your cases. I arrived home in MA yesterday to find it had arrived safe and sound. With the handles, wheels, and extension handle, I'm ready to travel. Many thanks for your fine, careful workmanship. Alan M.
Hi Don--My SV130 case arrived today. It is perfect. Bob W
I feel so much better now that my new Astro-Physics Mach-1 mount is safely ensconced in one of your cases. I arrived home in MA yesterday to find it had arrived safe and sound. With the handles, wheels, and extension handle, I'm ready to travel. Many thanks for your fine, careful workmanship. Alan M.
I just returned from a great trip to Australia. Weather was perfect for the eclipse in the Outback though winds kicked up much dust. The three cases you recently built for me went on twelve air flights and countless buses! I am happy to report the cases and contents survived quite well thanks to you. They were also relatively easy to move with the wheels and handles. H.C.
I was very pleased with the quality of the case. We had some fun moving the "coffin" out to the dark site. We are considering dressing in black suits and mounting a brass railing down the side, adding a floral spray across the top and walking slowly out to the site next time. -David Ryle / TMB 200mm f/9 Carbon Fiber
First off, I have no affiliation with ScopeGuard other than being a happy customer. I know, it seems like all you hear about ScopeGuard cases is absolute positive praise. Well, as a first time customer, I can honestly say that it's true. I received a custom case for my NJP mount yesterday and was overwhelmed with the build quality. Don Holcombe does what ever it takes to make you happy and I'm most appreciative of that. Thanks Don and ScopeGuard for a job well done. Best regards, David W. / NJP
Everything fits perfectly, just like a glove! And it looks so professional! Thanks for a great job, and a beautiful case! Bob M. / G-11
Yep, the cases arrived this afternoon and they are indeed beautiful... It was like Christmas...I can't thank you enough for your attention on this order ,money is the only thing holding me back from having a ScopeGuard case for everything I own . Kirk
Hi Don, I just wanted to say I got that FSQ case and it was sure worth the wait! You sure make a great case! And thanks very much for the air shipping and well packed box. Now I have a case that is worthy of the TAK FSQ106, and I shall keep both for a very long time. Thanks again, Gerald R. Miller
I received the cases for my C9.25 / G-11 yesterday (one week early I might add), and all I can say is Wow! Both my telescope and mount fit perfectly into their new homes, and the extra compartment you built into my scope case was perfect! I can't wait to show these off to my friends. The craftsmanship is excellent, and worth every last dollar I spent. I highly recommend your product to anyone thinking about investing in their equipment's safety. Sincerely, Eric L. Parent
The three cases arrived this week. Thanks again for expediting my order. The appearance and the workman ship is superb. In fact, the thought of shipping these beautiful cases as luggage is disturbing -- who knows what the airlines will do to them! Howard C.
I just wanted to express my gratitude to Don Holcombe of Scopeguard cases. I just received my scopeguard case for my Tec MCT and it is a beauty. A real work of art, with castors and a retractable handle. This is the second case I had Don build, and they are well worth the money. I can almost picture these cases being used in those old commercials for Samsonite. The one where the gorilla is throwing around the case, and the scope is unharmed. Just showing my age:-) Regards, Marc Z
Well, just about the time I was thinking UPS might not make it before the holiday, they came through with the goods. My family made me wait until today to open the box (Santa's got rules for grownups too ;-), but when I did, all I can say is "wow"! The case is absolutely beautiful and built tough. The mount head fits perfectly, and I'm really glad I opted for the wheels and the handle. The only downside is that I'm going to cringe putting this case through as baggage :-) My hat is off to you and the folks at ScopeGuard. It's rare today to find form, function and real craftsmanship combined in any product, but you have certainly done that with your fine cases. The next time I'm in the market for a transport case, you'll be the first call that I make. Again, my thanks and happy holidays! Paul
The ScopeGuard case for my Takahashi FS102 arrived today and it is in perfect condition. You packed it quite well. I am MOST impressed and VERY satisfied. Thank you for such a fine product. As I sit here I can't help but stare at the case. It looks so rugged and strong and with such beautiful craftsmanship. You deserve to take pride in your work. If anyone asks me where I got such an excellent case (and I'm sure they will) I'll be most happy to direct them your way. You have my permission to use my endorsement for your outstanding product. Best to you and your company. I hope we can do business again in the future. Sincerely, Martin S. / Anaheim, California
Hello Don, I was traveling at he end of last week , and got home on Sunday. The case was there, and had arrived in perfect condition. The workmanship and functional capabilities exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased. Many thanks, Jim M / FCT150
The case arrived safe and sound. I had many "first thoughts" as I unpacked the case and fitted the foam. Here are some of them (in no particular order): "If the scope goes the case stays." "My children will fight over who inherits this. "I killed two birds with one stone: it's a great scope case and when I die I want to be buried in this thing." "Ancient Egyptians would be proud." "The neighbors will complain because I didn't post a zoning notice." This case exceeds my expectations in every way. I don't think you'll be able to take a vacation if too many folks realize what you can do. This case is just plain awesome. Thanks so much for making this for me. Joe D / PA / TEC MC200 PS, You can quote me, and use me as a reference if you wish

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